Can't decide what to get from the season store


I was set on getting Mirabelle, but I don’t know if she can do much for my teams now. I can already beat most Lydia/Jesus/Ty/Hunter team, even a lot of Erika teams if i don’t get stunned 5 times first turn. I was thinking of buying Zeke and all the other 5 stars, cuz there might be a chance at least 1 if not all 3 will be on the next list of ascendables. Should i pull the trigger on Mira in a few days or get the others? Edit: After thinking about it i really need that 40% HP from Mira, so my team can survive more to reds and greens


I went zeke. Might buy konrad but that’s just about it. I’ll save the rest of my tokens for next season


I would just wait tbh. Im like 8k short to buy both of them, but not much gear around, so i keep going with what ive maxed out atm.
I would avoid any 5*


Good Lord. Why did you buy kelly by choice.
Mirabelles weapon is better then kelly


i didn`t have any commands and i did not expect Glenn to show up in a collection. The worst part is that i had to buy Glenn from the depot shortly after the collection went live lol


Glenn was a mysterious figure for many people.
I still dont own a blue tyrese. An i bought mirabelle recently from that 5$


Mira is rather situational and her AR wont do much damage. But she fits your team because of berserkers. She might even be replacement for Javi, while leaving Abe. You would have to experiment. With Mira bonus to att I see on my berserkers att bonus 50-100% most of the time.

And Zeke in general is great choice. Can help building rainbow team, so thats safe choice.


Buy zake and save points for another season.


must have not had a command to the point any command was good enough.


I would personally save everything. I’m in the exact situation as you (bought Kelly) and I’m saving my points. Zeke is interesting and all but I haven’t seen any really good Zeke teams unless they already had 4 other premiers.


i can`t save when i know i can get something that will not be available to me anytime soon. I think in the end i will get Mira cuz i need that 40% HP and after that i will probably get Kate, Priya and maybe Konrad if i have enough left, just in case they become ascendable. Zeke is a good defensive leader, but i dont really care about defense, no matter how much i work on it as a f2p, spenders will break it


Same question
Who’s the best choise Ezequiel or Mirabelle?


i gave it some thought and Mirabelle is great leader for melee and has a nice AR for the team, even though she`s expensive. Zeke is great for defense. Get who you need more, a lead for attack or a lead for defense


It’s up to you, but in your first post you said you weren’t sure if Mira can help you. Kate you can get for free in other ways and that’s a huge maybe that Priya and Konrad will be ascendable.


I got all free toons for F2P (no Dwight Blue)

Team ranged
Andrea Blue
Ty Blue

Team meele
Abraham green
Rick yellow
Eugene green
Ezequiel yellow
Shiva (Alfa or gleen)


it would be a smart move for them to make the epics they place in store ascendable. and lets be real the odds of me getting Kate are terrible. I haven`t got an acendable in the 5 stars token wheel since i started playing more than 4 months ago


like i said, if you`re like me and do not care about defense skip Zeke ( a lot of players can break your red Zeke lead team if you lack a shield and a few premier revives). if you want your attack team to last more and get the AR buff from Mira get her, just think if the cost matches your need of her


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