Can't decide on new S-Class toon

My main team is Alice in lead, with James, Kapoor, Strong Herschel, and Fast Andrea. So I feel like taking out Herschel and adding Christa would be good, but Angel might be he better long-term option. I’m just over halfway to Pete and just about to start my 2nd Laopo 5* to get his sclass. Thanks in advance for any help!

*Tough is my crappiest trait! This is what I have to work with if that helps. It’s not much lol

Choose Christa. Angel is crap

I chose angel and she’s not really useful

Laopo is more useful than angel

That is my thoughts cause Andrea has a reflect damage weapon and I can outlast Angel since I don’t have to use my actives except to heal. So far, she’s lived long enough to protect the others or Alice has revived her if it comes to it.

Nice, imo angel is only useful against certain teams but not most teams. I’m sure you’ve encountered some crazy strong Christa’s so you know what she can do

Crista is junk angel at least will have uses down the line

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That’s my other concern. For now, Christa might be the best bet based on the toons I have. But, further down the road Angel would have more practical purposes and fill out a future team better.

Forget her lead that trauma and exhaust have staying power

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Are you dumb she is billion times better that laopo angel can hold a impair weapon plus you can kill doc first turn with her active on a attack team behind priya

Nice profile pic btw.

Cheers my dude

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