I have over 1200 toons and only 200 spaces, NO WAY I’m deleting 1000 trainers and 5*. Slots are too expansive and hard to get and many players have their capacity exceed. If Scopely could ADD ANOTHER WAY TO FINISH this mission, I would be VERY GLAD. Thanks.


Well you already know beforehand about limited slots… :woman_shrugging:t3:

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It is probably the same thing as weapons, clogged rosters affecting performance so they trying to fix like this.

Probably is causing the game to run slow.

They should try giving out medals and gear and fodder and people would self clean their rosters.

Also make a statement that 5s are only for old school people would get rid of those like they did 4s


this is my problem too…damn scopely!!! they put an event in training ground even they knew most of players gor over the limit…f yoy scopes,!!!

It’s a rip off is what it is, for 450 coins we should get at least 50 slots not 10.
But this will fall on deaf ears, they don’t care about us or the things we need

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and modes here wont reply on this shit!!!

Must only affect 250 players…will fall on deaf ears

@Kolphos I have replied earlier on about this issue in there Last words event Training?


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