Cant change nickname

So I wanted to quit … created new faction, moved there. I wanted also to change nickname, game said no, you wait.

Thats silver lining of this game.


Thanks for the heads up. We’ve gathered a few reports about this issue, and we’re looking at a fix with an upcoming Beta update (18.1.2) by tomorrow.

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Any update fo r the people with crashing issues associated with rosters?

I will re-open I comment on that source thread, I missed this one so far my bad.

Why is a beta needed to fix an issue that didn’t exist till scopley broke something.

The problem exists for people who have the current beta version, so it will be fixed in the next beta version.

I was in beta months ago. But thanks for update.

What game version do you have installed? (Look under menu/about to find the version)

Note that along with the client update that embeds the fix, for beta players, we will also issue a script to fix all impacted players

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Game version is 18.1.170588

Anyways, man wants to honestly quit and get 3 responses from @JB.Scopely in a thread. That’s symptomatic :smiley: When you don’t care - 3rd slot on weapon will be stun. When you do - 50 fails.


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You’re running the beta version of the game. This problem affects players running the beta version, and that’s why it requires a new beta updated vetsion to fix.

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If you don’t want to encounter problems then don’t do beta.

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One of our team mate had similar issue some time ago with non-beta release.
He left faction, rejoined, issue resolved. give it a try (if the issue is still ongoing).


I didnt install any beta willingly. I didnt quit faction and retire just to go back :smiley: Anyways, thank you all.

So its tomorrow so where is the update?

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