Can't buy any itam

want happens to my account? I want give u money to earn but I can’t buy anything

Which app store? Amazon, Google play, apple store? A different one? Have you opened a ticket with support?

they eat my money but I don’t have any items I used Google apps

Open a ticket with support, please. The forums here are players helping players, and we’re probably not going to be able to help with an app store issue.

You can try these basic troubleshooting steps before opening the ticket, to save time:

• Force close the game and restart it
• Restart your device
• Check that you have enough free space on your device for it to function properly. 1GB free is recommended for regular game play; more may be necessary for updates to properly download and install
• For Android, you can sometimes fix a problem by forcing the app closed, clearing cache for the app, and relaunching
• For Android or iOS, you can sometimes fix a problem by uninstalling the app and reinstalling it
• Some problems can be fixed by switching from data signal to wi-fi, or vice versa
• If you’re having problems downloading an update on an Android device, it may be helpful to clear the cache and data of the Google Play store (

Please don’t skip the step of restarting your device.


I know the issue here as I also live in China. You need to activate a VPN to purchase anything through the game, I also can’t make purchases in China if my VPN is off. The Great Firewall and all that…

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I find Express works best, Astrill probably the next best. After that I don’t know enough to rate the others

Oh and whilst @LadyGeek is generally right that you should really contact support about stuff like this, in this case support haven’t got a clue about you not being able to purchase items whilst in China without VPNs - I had to find that out myself.
In fact, Ive heard it mentioned that VPNs are technically banned in the game which is ridiculous since they are cutting off 1/6 of the potential world market for no discernable reason.

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