Can't build any more


My town hall is level 20, but I never got some free slots for construction. What can I do?

It’s the end of the line. No further building available

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Remove the game?


Doubt we will get an answer as it seems avoiding the forums is the thing to do but here it goes anyways…

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely any info on the team working on more town upgrades? Maybe level 25 or level 30?


How is it possible to have 300+ survivors with 2 armouries ?
My max is around 230

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Fill in the feedback questionnaires with suggestions for new buildings and what they could do.

At level 20 you can have 4 houses. With 4 houses at level 20 you can have 300 survivors

But not with 2 armories as well

Yeah you can.

I have two armouries and 330 survivors capacity


Level 20 town hall holds 30 survivors intheritnly, then you can have 3 houses each holding 100 survivors at level 20. And still two armories

My bad i meant 3 houses, long war weekend

Yeah, I just realised I had too many food storages.
Thanks guys

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It’s fine, we haven’t been able to use that part of town either… for about 2 years


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