Can't afford to pay up

Scopely my device doesn’t let me but membership which sucks cause now people with membership get way more rewards than seasoned vet everyday a free pull. F2p get two pulls a week. After unbelievable gameplay. Could you maybe reward is better. Or p2p not give them such an advantage.

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have some cement and harden the f up hahhha

Just a friendly observation and a little feedback. If you got membership your probably thinking serves him right. Right.

Man, you guys are always so brutal to an obvious non-English speaking person.

@Gamechamp You’re not missing out on anything by not being able to join the SC but the shield. If you really want to spend money in this game you would be much better off and use that $25 on an attempt for these new gen2 toons like Alice and Dale.

Attack trumps def every single time.


Wow this phone crying service is a better deal in the long run than survivors club lol


Read it. His self explanatory.

This unfortunately is how the world works. Money gives you advantagea and nice things.

So if you have money but an offer that’s equal to number 1 spot. No hard feelings scroge everyone else. Well suck it up we’ve taken worse.

He can turn into a chihuahua.!?

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Bottom line I would like my best friend Scopely to make the game more affordable for f2p…

Damon it now I have to get a job -_-

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