Can't access to war results


Hi there,

I’m trying to look at my faction’s scores since we keep track of them, but I can’t seem to access to the last war’s scores, is anyone else having the same issue?


Ya i couldnt get individuals scores after war was over


Same here


War scores for the whole faction are now on a separate tab, when you go to the leader board and click on your faction there should be a bunch of tabs on the side to view faction scores and solo score as well as looking at members of your faction in general. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Exactly the same


Same problem


They are not there for this war yet


Hi @SugarDaddy, would you mind sending me a screenshot? I can’t seem to find a way to look at the leader board. Thanks in advanced! ^^


The next part of the war starts in the next few hours, I’m a UK player so it’s rather late at the moment. When I wake I’ll be sure to send a screenshot of what I mean!



Thats all i get


I’m glad I took a ss of my war score before war ended lol


There’s a selection of 3 tabs on the side which you can select in order to see members in the faction as well as their scores, hope this is what you’re looking for!!


@JB.Scopely reapair this please !!


Yes please fix bc u can only see individuals scores when war is in progress once its over you can no longer see them even when rewards pop there are no individual scores!!


Hi @SugarDaddy, it was, the only issue with that is that you can only access it if a war is in progress, otherwise you get that screen that other people posted. Thanks anyways! ^^


Exactly the same


Annoying as fk that we cant access our results after spending hours warring. Why would the option to see how active our team is be taken away? Makes no sense. This needs to be fixed :smirk:


Please fix this. Being able to look back at last scores was very useful.


Damn bro 250k? You got 5x as me lol