Canonical squad request! πŸ€”


Sometimes I’m having fun with building squads for rm like Saviors party, 5xJesus Christmas squad and stuff like that. I want you to share your most canonical five according to comic, game or smth else! For example Magna, Kelly, Luke, Connie, Yumiko



I’ve used that very same team but Kelly and Luke are gone now.

I like children teams.



Blonde team, my fav.




Ok i stop …my roster is empty


negan army


Thanks everyone for participating!! :+1:t2:



They should definitely watch out for Laura ! :slight_smile:



Hmm what about a team with

Tyreese Carol Sophia Andrea and Dale


Hershel Maggie Billy Otis and Glenn


Dale Andrea Amy Allen and Carol


Rick Shane Lori Carl and Dale


Gov Martinez Gabe Bob and Doc Stephens.

Haha none of these teams would be good in battle but I hope y’all can guess the theme off each team.

I haven’t gotten too far yet in the comics so I only made rosters of some of the earlier characters.


I was thinking about following setup
Michonne Tyreese Morgan Ezekiel Heath, you will understand this team if continue reading the comic :slight_smile: