Cannot unlock character to ascend

I just grabbed my eigth Benedict so I thought I would ascend my maxed, 5* Negan.

I tapped ascend, said he was locked. Fine, I removed him from my defense team. Went to ascend again, still locked. The only icon I can se is VS.

I went into Arenas and removed him from every defense team.

As you can see, no 5* maxed yellow Negan. Yet when I try to ascend it still says he’s locked on a team and still shows the VS symbol.

Really glad there’s not a level up event going on…

Try Survival Road teams and see if he is stuck there.

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Its likely locked in until the current arena ends. Why two yellow negans though?


Just a piece of advice, don’t have to take it, but if you are going to ascend one of your current toons, it would serve you better to ascend Shiva and not a second Yellow Negan. Or wait for Pamela to be leveled


it could be arena’s or it could be the lock feature on the toon itself. Click the [i] on the toon and when it brings up the toons stats and card in the top left corner there should be a little lock button. If it’s in the locked position just tap it to unlock.

Side note: I’d say save your benny’s to ascend a different toon. You already have an ascended yellow Negan and I see a very healthy looking green and yellow shiva looking for some love. Both of which are good toons


I’d ascend yellow or green Shiva over that negan. Is he basically worthless. Even upon his 6* version release he was short lived.
Did you actually unlock the toon itself? Not being funny I’ve done this before.

Thanks for the replies.

I’ve checked every team and unlocked him himself. I guess it’s just locked in with todays arena.

I might have to redo my plan. I was using green Shiva against SC Andrea’s, but as the games progressed they’re either ascended or not on the team.

I was going to ascend Second Negan then White Shiva, I like green Shiva stun, but id missing the leader bonus. Maybe I’ll just skip the Negan and go straight for white Shiva. I was kinda looking at the lacerator rick in league store too.

is he your avatar in game?

The ‘vs’ above the character means he’s in use in arenas.

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Honestly that negan is better off as a 5 star.Hes much better then hes 6 star version

This arena is saving you. You seem like you’re a relatively new player, so I wouldn’t ascend that yellow Negan, especially since you already have 1.

Level up and ascend that Pamela or someone else.


Why yellow negan when you have far better toons such as Pamela, shiva, yellow shiva and red Romanov personally I would ascend yellow shiva over any toon

I was going to put Pamela on a defense team.

I do prefer the 5* rush that hits and taunts rather than have to taunt one turn then rush another.

Ascend that fast Shiva first since you have Carl already, grab Camilla from leagues first then Rick if you have enough. Focus your attack teams over defense. Fast Shiva, Camilla, Rick, strong Shiva, Pamela. Leave that Negan as a 5*, he will be good for 5* arenas


Same thing happened to one of my members I told her make a support ticket and complain here. And yes negan is useless

I’ve also had that problem cause toons were assigned to my hoardes defense

This happened to me once. Click on the i and see if the padlock is down. If it is, you can’t ascend him.

See the difference in the top left?

You kind of need to post a screenshot of the exact message, different messages mean different things.

I had a different problem with hordes. But if it’s a hordes defence team, it’s just a warning. You can still Ascend him.

I think it’s more important to say dont waste medals on a 2nd Negan hes not any good anyway