Cannot join my faction during assault



Guys just a reminder that you cannot join a faction if that particular faction is running an assault. this is weird scopely, why you let a player leave a faction during an assault event while cannot join if the faction u are joining has an assault event active?! this is the worst idea scopely. Make assault event like faction lvl, raid or war tourny that a player cant left the group if there is an event active? why make things hard?


This is to prevent players from bouncing through factions just to get rewards, or to prevent exploiting where factions can “partner” and do multiple assaults by swapping members during active assaults, enabling them to earn multiple rewards, thus obtaining the markers and “earrings” and such faster.

Personally, I have no issue with not allowing players to join during assault, simply to prevent the exploits.


I left bec i need to join free craft to craft better weapons hehe


You can close this now admin thanks