Cannot acces weapons, supply depot, crafts


i updated the game, than played 2 levels of the new roadmap…than game closed…after i reopened it i’ve found out that everything was a mess… game closing every time i click a weapon,armory, supply depot…guess something odd has droped from that map and destroyed my game…tried on 3 mobile phones and it’s not working… my accounts on other servers still works.


so, i contacted support and after 2 days one guy said to me"can I help with something else? " but of course the issue is still there…can’t even select or modify a team without the game crashing…


Just in one region?


This is straight bull, needs to be done something… I also saw some members couldn’t pass downloading page or even it could crashing constantly


yes… it’s working on other regions… i’m going to make a refound request at google play for the entire sum I spended if this is not fixed soon. or maybe I should apply for a job on the support, i will probably wont ask people if i can help them with something else without fixing the problems they have


no one didnt helped me with anything!! Didnt received any God damn answer , the support is useless!!!


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