Cannon.en region war

Cannon is only 2 months old yet were in a 16 region war. Why you do this scopley there is no way to compete. We have like 6 active factions maybe. We need more time to grow.

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Sounds a bit off for only a 2 month old region getting into a CRW…Every region I joined from the begging take about 3-4 months…So maybe you joined a bit late into the region your in…

I came in 6 days after the region opened

Mustn’t be a mistake.

Ya I was thinking that as well. I’m all for gradually moving towards it but throwing our mini region in to the trenches is pretty demoralizing

Just looked at your grouping, you are facing all newer regions. Could of have been way worse for you

Ya my faction is fine in the crw but we have most of the active people but I’m thinking about the rest of the region

The morale in our region is so low right now thank you scopley really taking care of you’re players well

Not surprising to hear new regions are dying off fast. Cant even imagine starting over again right now. Even getting a single s class toon on a new server would make you in God mode. Differnce between f2p and p2p has never been larger then now


It’s not to bad starting in a new region the war wheel actually helps a lot of ftp players start off stronger than they would without it

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Problem is lead characters for ftp. After 70 days I’m still using a 5 star lead which is kind of a problem

You’ve matched Berkeley, they were in same position recently as well, thrown in with the bigger dogs and sink or swim. Scopes open new regions and don’t give them the required pieces to compete on a crw unless spending.

Berkeley doing ok now but was a tough few weeks, you guys will come through the same

Berkeley is one of the oldest regions

It really isn’t, I’;ve had a mini there since day 1, maybe 4 months old now

There are several with similar name, we are definately matched with you guys and we aren’t old at all lol

Every region in our matchup is fairly new, all recent regions

Dyer is also only 2 months old. We are facing factions that are much higher than we are with toons we have no access to. Scopely response was we can’t discuss other players accounts. Smh

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