Candles and cakes in laderboard missing


So i transfer to other region something like 4 days ago and i sill didnt recive my candles and cakes.Plese help @JB.Scopely.Cake event ends in 5 days and i need those cakes.
I earn something like 3.8k candles and i have 1.9k


same here


There is a whole thread about this already anyone that teansfered haven’t got there stuff me included something needs to be done and ASAP or they are going to have a lot of unhappy customers on there hands


Send help pls


It happened to me too. Some faction mates transferred and they got them back immediately. I’ve been waiting for almost 4 days


You mean 20 days :man_facepalming:


He means 5 days, the Cake event has 2 rounds, each running 2 weeks. The 1st round ends on Sep 5. The 2nd round ends Sep 19. Each round will give out Year 3 tokens.


Same problem


I lost my rep, candles, and cakes when transferring. Support has been useless and told me to keep surviving and closed my ticket. Scopely support at its finest :rage:



i screenied mine because i knew that as did most but wouldnt be surprised if it isnt updated and then the cake board ends and people get screwed out of the 60 tokens


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