Candle reset after transfer


I had more than 2k candles before transfer. Now it just reset and with events milestones I only have 600.
@JB.Scopely will I get them back?


The leaderboard refreshes every 15 minutes in the game.

After completing a Region transfer, it may take up to 72 hours to reflect the changes on the anniversary leaderboard.


Ok. Thanks!


@JB.Scopely customer support told me I won’t get my candles from previous region. I hope this is not true…


@JB.Scopely 72hrs have gone now, and still haven’t got my candles back. Wtf? I lost 2k candles


I’ll look into this.

Do you happen to store any related screenshots please?

I’d be happy to review the following:

  • Screenshot of the answer provided by support
  • Screenshot of your old candle count
  • Screenshot of your new candle count



… You think we screenshot everything?

Kind of unfair to expect this and it always gets requested. Maybe put a ‘if available’.


Just screenshot the current leaderboard and your collection screen in the museum, Mine is ~1500 low on the leaderboard, but I am waiting the 72 hours to see if it syncs, bit short of that now.


I assumed so, yes, as it’s been demonstrated on multiple occasions :smirk:


I don’t even see my count on the leaderboard anymore. No transfer here.


My leaderboard won’t even pop up so you’re in better shape than me lol


I’ve seen the same, sometimes my score is available above the board, other times it is missing, have not determined the magic sauce to make it show. Fortunately, it is displaying, haven’t had the all blank screen (yet). I have a feeling it won’t sync, but we’ll see.



First reply

Second reply

I do not have a screenshot of my previous candle count before transfer.


Should not need the prior screenshot, the Museum shows your current amount plus the number of times collected. Either that is same amount as the scoreboard, or it isn’t. Since there’s a candle roadmap up now and other events have occurred, the old values don’t mean much in any case.


@JB.Scopely i got the exact same reply from support


Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot of the previous amount of candles.
But I’m sure it wasn’t zero


Support is wrong as usual.

Let’s enable migration and run a >3 week event that dumps all progress if your migrate :man_shrugging:. Yea, that makes perfect sense. @JB.Scopely, it would certainly help to create a PINNED thread and explain exactly what should happen. It’s very poor form to have this constant guessing game.


@JB.Scopely 72 hours have passed since my transfer. Still no candles…


same here


I just moved regions and all of my candles and cakes are gone and I transferred right when the prizes came out for the last lvl up so that should have bin more than enough time for the leader board to reset and it hasn’t what can I do to get them back @JB.Scopely