Canceling SC after map resets

Once again you failed with your playerbase on this. Failed promises & failed to deliver. No premier toons to pull from, no special roadmaps as promised other than the comics for Andrea. Well guess what! Andrea will be finished & extra food, extra 100 slots & no weapon parts for armory is not good enough for $25 a month & why do the subscribers need to wait a month or two for something new? You are digging into too many areas & it shows you cannot deliver.


Thank you @Banshee, very cool!


What other roadmaps?

Originally one of their selling points was the club would have special maps. Figured members might get some farmable gear maps or something in addition to the ‘special map’ that was only needed because they put in special lvl up gear for andrea.

You can tell they know they are about to loose a lot of subs this week and next as they cap andrea. Those ‘weekly’ bonuses are laughable at $25, nobody is sticking around for those.

I fully expect a new ‘club’ toon to be out before next week is up. Honestly I figured they would have them overlap by 2 weeks or so, but I guess not.

Will have to be a pretty OP toon to keep me around. Now that we all know its basically a 6* on a $125, 5 month lay-away offer.


Just ran the roadmap, Andrea is done. Time to break this cord from Scopely.

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At least wait for monday for the “free” stuff. I think this week is gear, after that u can ditch the membership…

i feel dirty for ever getting sucked into this survivor club


lol, well you were luckier than me on the comics… I was holding my breath hoping I’d get at least one 3 in today’s bunch so I was only 6 short and am at least guaranteed to be able to cancel next week. In the end I went 2-3-2.

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don’t know why this would come as a shock when Scopely is the epitome of failing to deliver their words.


:frowning: I need to go at it for another month

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Actually…it is very cool. I thought that SC would be different. Honestly, the free stuff every week was awesome and Andrea awesome as well. There have been no additional SC roadmap. No need to troll here.

It is definitely not worth it. It was a trick to start with. I thought we would have to gear by the time the free month was over. Ill never get her level cuz i will not pay that crappy price for even crappier benefits


VNext toon OP or not I’m done as well.

The “special perks” are not worth it.

Anyone out there that may be on the fence about signing up to be in the club… Don’t do it.

The gear we get this Friday is cool and all but no gps or canteen?

I’ll be joining the FTP ranks going forward as well, the end is near and Apex Legends is taking more and more of my time.

This is turning into a real pain in the ass chore to even log on to the game now, the fun is gone and the strategy went a long time ago.

@JB.Scopely Might want to let the head pancake muncher (Albert Wei if that ■■■■■■■ guy is still around) know that they may fall short for the quarterly target, people are just tired of the lies and constant fuckery.

We’ve been begging for gear forever… oh look another $139.99 offer.

It’s been so long since Dash lied about the gear maps I can’t even keep it straight if was Albert or Dash that posted it. There is such a bottle neck of 6* toons that need to go to T4 that I’m working 4* toons for lvl ups. Yup, the only way I can even participate in multiple lvl ups per week is to work my 4* toons.

Sit a couple out and stock up? I need lugnuts and hearts and league tokens to get more ■■■■■■■ 6* toons to throw on the bottle neck pile.

Rant off.

After I T4 Andrea subscription is canceled.

Like my faction mates, hate scopely

And looking at the Dev Tracker they hate Scopely too…



I was struggling to describe my feelings about the SC and “feeling dirty” sums it up pretty well. Just one more week for me and she’ll be t4 - then I’m (most likely) done with the SC.


“head pancake muncher” :pancakes:

Bruh… I cant freaking breath! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


This is a rant free zone. Post marked for deletion. They will say Keep on surviving.

Meh it’s just the way it is.

I didn’t realise anyone actually continued after the free trial…


My feeling is most of the thing sc offers should be available anyways. We should be able to hold 500 in our rosters considering

  1. All the level ups
  2. Ascension
  3. Trainers needed for above
    Honestly even andrea isnt a great perk because the meta is constantly changing and gen 2 stats have come around. Plus of all the disarms they gave bruce away as an event and he makes andrea snack cakes like blue chonne made erika.
    If sc is something they want players to continue with they need more toons more often. The ability to at least stack a 10 pull of the daily singles. And to not release new premieres on another wheel. Tbh thats probably one of the biggest slaps in face. To release new toons and then put them on another ovetpriced wheel.
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Yep, one more week of ‘Stinge Club’ and I’m done