Cancel war search - war party administration


It would be nice to have a cancel search button for wars that removes your faction from the queue. Sure, you can cancel war but then you have to wait for everybody to join again. Our faction tries to allow everybody who needs to reach milestones go first, but some players are trigger happy and it would be nice to stop the search to reorganize.

Or if you could tap on a player in reserves if you’re in the war party to swap places with them like you do as a general.


Love the suggestion!
Or even letting the officers of the faction to move the selected players in and out of the war party. We do this too to ensure as many of ours get the milestones as possible, which can be a challenge with an active faction where everyone is fighting to get a spot in a 6v6. I am blessed to have a faction where everyone is team-oriented but I can imagine that it would help tremendously with the suggested functions!

Edit: I added a further description to your title, I hope you don’t mind! :slight_smile:


Nope. Sounds good


This sounds AWESOME, wouldn’t use it much for 8v8 but would be AWESOME for 6v6 with a super active faction