Cancel Subsciption and still pull

If you get the 7-day trial and then cancel it you will still get all the benefits from it for those 7 days. Its a way to mark to scopely that you´re unhappy.
They need to see that its just not empty threats that ppl will cancel their subscriptions.


Yep mines canceled and everything is still there for 7 days

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The odds of single pulling him is about as good as hitting the mega millions


I got yellow revive ty from the one subscription pull


Haven’t seen a pull where does it appear?

…Where the pulls are. Obviously.

Thanks for your help lol
Not noob
I got nothing

cancel gate coming, getting benefits while cancelled, accounts rolled back, credit cards will be charged, full amount for a yeah
damn cheaters

hey steve have u pulled in the last 2 days? did u get one pull or two pull, I.e. did it bank up if u didnt pull on the first day

No bank

Does not stack. Only 1 pull a day, can’t get 2 if you miss a day.

I got this on my second pull


Is your account a low level?

Three years in and just canceled it. Scopely can eat a bbc or any cock… not worth my time or money. Have fun getting ass raped to those who choose to stay.

Have fun guys. Hopefully they’ll make a good walking dead game one day. That overkill shit is garbage… love the walking dead but fawk this shit.

The very first free pull on Tuesday.

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