Can You Use Guardian 1 & 2 in the same round?

Title pretty much says it all.
Have Zeke and pulled a Guardian toon earlier, if I had them both in the defence would it work? I’ve asked a few people but they aren’t sure.


noobs these days

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Far from a noob. Just haven’t tried it…

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So then try it and report back.

Fyi. Answer is no. Capped at 2 still.


If you have a guardian/guardian 2 combo, you can still only geterate a max of 2 shields per turn.

If guardian places one shield first, then guardian 2 goes off, it will only place one shield. It’s capped there.

If you had 2 standard guardians, then it would be capped at 1 shield per turn.


Thanks :+1:t2:

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@SteveSanguine Perfect answer, kudos!

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When you write up the doc, don’t forget to mention that it blocks status effects when coupled with damage. Be clear that it has no effect on status effects that aren’t.

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Man this is crappy and not what I would have expected. I wish I had my points back from buying and upgrading the new Doctor Stevens, which was specifically done assuming I could get a possible 3 guardian pops in a round.

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3x (2)

I have green guardian 1 zeke, if I use command I can put two shields up in 1 turn with only 1 guardian toon. This is especially useful with him because his AR gives him +80 crit.

I don’t have the 6* zeke or I would test but I wonder if using this same strategy if you could put up 4 shields in 1 round.

I assume so due to the cap being based on “guardian” or “guardian II”, but that’s just speculation. I was unaware that you could generate a second shield in the same turn with command. I would test it and get back to you, but my 6* Zeke is on a free fallin for a few more days.

I only knew the previous answer because I read it on the forums a day or two before, I think from combatdevll. I don’t read as much as I would like here. Too many toxic posts make it hard to stay interested. I do recommend reading this entire thread though: :alert: :tough: :fast: :strong: Combat Reference Guide [Updated w/ Weapon Effects]

The initial post is great, but the Q & A was very enlightening too. Hope you found this helpful. :blush:

Just tried that with 6* Zeke. After command he done another crit ( against walkers )

No second Guardian occurred.

No, you can’t, it there is no Guardian 2 on your team, max you can put is 1 shield per turn.


I just test it again and you’re right, it didn’t work. I’m certain is had in the past though…