Can you update the 5* Token wheel - every week? - Please

As 5* Tokens are the best rewards you would prefer to hand out - can you please make pulling a little bit more exiting for us?
More exiting means for me - less random…or something like this.
So there is the idea that should be easy to implement and increases the fun…for the players:

  • Have the token wheel renewed every week!

  • It can have a certain topic: Only greens, only Alerts, only woman, only…whatever?

  • It can feature a different ascendance toon every week.

  • Any other cool ideas?

Thank you.


Bump this thread every minute please.

Put all the crappy 6s in there (there’s a lot of them) as their 5 version.

Why people continue to coin in war for 5* tokens is beyond me

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Also make it like a stash format as well. It’s nice to receive an ascendable you’ve never gotten but it’s really annoying to receive it multiple times.

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It would require a bit of work so this will never happen.


This is what should be done. No one want’s a dupe. I have like 20 meanwhile there are tons of other useless toons on that wheel I can’t pull.

Also, our roster space needs a massive bump to like 500. I have way too many trainers taking up space and no one to ascend because it takes forever for you to release any legacy ascendable toons.

Here is why they not gonna do it although it is a great

  • it’s work
  • it doesn’t bring in short term revenue

I believe they have an algorithm of how much they have to give the players that the number of quitters is tolerable for their revenue. They never give you anything beyond this.

Back in the day I still bought this balancing the meta bs. It’s never been clearer than today that they try to minimize the expenses to still remain a tolerable loss of income.

@IronandWine, Some of it is ego, but I still think it’s mostly because players don’t want to leave their factionmates behind.

I can only speak to what I’ve been through and what I’ve seen around me. It took me awhile to finally leave the game, but before I did, I went through almost a year of warring (and coining) because it’s what my friends were doing. I couldn’t be the one to just sit there and be a burden on the rest of the group.

Even after I left, I was asked back several times. I was told that I wouldn’t need to coin. But I know what would’ve happened … same as before. I would’ve spent more money, just so I was doing my part :confused:

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