Can you put confuse on a weapon?

Was wondering if i can?

Not yet. So far its only on special weapons they release into the game. I imagine eventually we will be able to make those special mods.

Not yet.

Any plans for these special mods to be added to the armoury @CombatMan @CombatDevIl @Agrajag

My guess would be no because if you can craft them yourself why would you buy the promo toon with the special weapon? Just my opinion tho

I understand what you’re getting at, but AD is available in the armoury & that didn’t stop the whales going crazy for Konrad, similar toons with locked stun weapons too.

That’s a little different since you can’t put AD on a red weapon. I bet if you they put AD or stun on a green weapon people would be more apt to buy for the 6* shield because there is no other way to get those stats.

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True, but Michonne is a tough toon so there’s nothing stopping them putting confuse in the armoury as a strong/alert/fast weapon mod.

You currently can’t add confuse to a weapon yourself. I’m guessing that we won’t ever be able to in the future as that would change the meta by a bit, in that whichever trait they decide to add it to, it would make that trait too strong I.e.) if you can add it to blue, you will now be able to have impair or confuse; add to green, now you can craft stun or confuse etc.

I’m guessing confuse, and probably taunt/maim/heal reduction/etc, will be a premier thing to give people extra reason to pull.

green toons in general are the weakest weapon crafting wise. yeah sure 5 stun on attks can be a tad pesky if 3 or 4 trigger. imo a confuse on dmg stat to them could be a rather good trade off considering all free play reds that can chew you up

Will never see scopely make these kind of weapons available f2p you would be lucky if scopely gives this away on some created weapon in a special event(likely paid to play event with the illusion that you can pull for it like we saw with this past erika wheel event) but if we could never craft stun on yellows or AD on reds there is no plans or hope for something like this.

Personally I hope we never see those weapons out. The game needs a counter balance to this rng infested team building of a game like some special armor or clothing to equip on our toons based on triat and persona to create a resistance agaisnt special weapons and specialist skills.

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