Can you post your Attack/Defense Team Here?

Hey I’m looking for some inspiration for a new S- Class attack/defense Team. So I was wondering if you could post some pictures of your teams here^^

Ladies first

Are you the ban hammer?

That’s a no from me dog

Woukd recommended sharing team go in friendly duels and test. Too close to WOC plus not every team will either work for you or be accessible in your roster.


You’ve inspired me.


Make a yellow team with reflect Mods and all Reflect weapons and BOOM! Your enemy will kill themselves! (Most of your team will die, but that’s showbiz!)

Also put this team in crit Territories and really show your region who’s boss.

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I just attack those teams while 5* teams

A lot of people think they are hiding some super secrets, they arnt. But they wont post teams cause they are under the assumption this game takes skill.

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Yet you didn’t post yours to help the poor fellow :crazy_face:


For attack: double priyas then depends what else you have to go behind them.
Or could go crazy and focus on aarav- not as much control but fast.
A slower alternative is bleed, lots to choose from there so could be a good focus for you if youre not playing at the top

For defense: if you picked up angel use her as lead, then hide behind her toons with t1 actives like raven or doc. Bide and payback toons are still useful on defense.

Good luck :blush:

It takes knowledge about the game mechanics and if you’re not a super whale then yes there’s skill involved that goes along with the knowledge. There’s all kinds of people that throw money at the game, buy all the new sclasses and still cant put a team together.

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My attack:


My fac dont do woc so I ain’t worried about my “secret strats” being leaked. Need any advice dont be afraid to ask




Gotta keep it super secret for WOC coming up, dont want anyone to see my skills and copy my teams :sunglasses:

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What i mean is when it comes down to it, it is rng and not skill. If your team is stunned, imapired, etc but you dont stun, impair the enemy team at all, it is rng, your mods didnt work, your weapons didnt work, etc. Once you get to that certain point of knowledge, it is all rng and not skills of not pressing a button fast enough. Sorry to break that news to people but the fights come down to rng. If people want to try their gaming skills, theirs plenty of games out there to do that, rts isnt one of them.

Yes and no over time the rng should become less of a factor. We all have people in our factions who always do better in war than others.

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Main raid team I use. It changes obviously but I use it against most. Defense is the usual Mercer, doc/command & hitters(such a cheap, bullshit lead toon…)