Can you nerf Shiva status?

I can’t understand why does Shiva still have the most destructive rush in the game so far, anyone who have two Shivas wouldn’t lose any raid, (except if he is a moron)
Just cause he have two Shivas

Please solve this problem, it’s really annoying
If you can’t change her status cause you are afraid of users complaining about it, and I just want you to know that I understand that .

At least give us a character who can stop her, this is unbelievable , I think Lori should be the solution to this problem just give her a good leader skill ( for Ranged characters or red and yellow ) or something like that, who could make this Cat a little bit balanced ,

We need characters that can be able to be together in defense, After releasing the 6* defending your camps become more and more and even more harder, Lately all we see is good characters for attack teams , we want characters for defense and I hope they will be as good as Michone, shiva and ramanov in attack


weapon mods and skills such as taunt stop shiva. gives the game some competition. i wouldnt mind if nearly every team wasnt a cookie cutout of most other teams, mine included, gotta shake up the bench a little…bored with the same toons over and over.

Two months ago you were probably about right, but there have been a lot of reds released since then plus toons like Koa and Dante that work well against green dominant teams (like double shiva’s).

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If you really struggle get lucas
However shivas don’t dominate
Jerimiah is the biggest enemy of a shiva
Why well shiva has low defnse and - 70 defense well death recover confuse is also on red toons such as evasion Rick or lucas

They can’t fix a character once he’s released.
Shiva was OP at the beginning, now disarm Michonne is way too far compared to dat tiger

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I face plenty of dual Shivas. Its about maintaining order. Active skills, taunts, impairs and stuns. Governor loves Shiva too.


I have 2 shivas and get rolled

my disarm michonne is a terrorist…she hits two toons usually causing around 9k damage each…i put her next to chainsaw alpha with att. lead and erika and im nearly invincible it seems…bodies everywhere

here is whats left of a group of zombies

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Grats on ur team

no congrates…im in beta, they gave me 25 6s toons and all the upgrade gear and trainers to go with it…even a “secrete” toon

Lol still sounds like fun

Lol I love very fighting Shiva. Governor eats her all day long.


i like trying to use michonne rts4 with impair weapon to try and take out two shivas at same time

Mirabelle,governador, jeremiah, lucas

You want them to nerf a ftp toon lol … smart

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Couldn’t disagree more. Double Shiva is a great attack team yes, but there are definitely Red Blue teams that can defend it. Gov is a Shiva killer for sure

If you wish to counter a Shiva or a few more of her, then bring the best characters you have to take her down. Other than that, I advise you to get good instead of begging to nerf a character you probably don’t have simply because you don’t have.

Hahahaha. This is too funny

Like some here have been saying, the gov is one of the best counters to green. Give him a +30% attack weapon with a huge bonus to AP when attacking and you’ll be one shotting those shivas. Even better, if you don’t manage to kill the enemy, they will be impaired giving you some time,

Obviously that person who made the post doesn’t have any Shiva’s or doesn’t like her variety of ppl’s armory weapons upgrades on her claws.

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