Can you just admit it scopley


That you have no plans to make old five stars ascendable. Yeah we may get the ones that was promised on the list for early this year but am certain to believe that’s about it. It really pisses me off seeing this new garrett and when I say new I mean new five star garrett. Why did you not make the old five star human shield garrett into a six star its just weird to me and I dont even owned that blue human shield garrett. This is just another missed opportunity for Scopley to make old promos have value still but no we have to see a whole brand new garrett because it is no money like brand new money I guess scopley.


Right! As if anyone wants a “brand new 5*” and if they did, it wouldn’t even last because they would quickly ascend it. Which in reality is a waste of time/ resources on a worthless 5* toon and a slap to the players faces to not make it a og ascendable. Sad!


Your kickin a dead horse here… they already have and will continue to do so at their leisure.



They have continued to make new five stars similar to old existing five stars like this garrett but they have not came out and said that we will not make a ascendable from previous toons even thou this brand new ascendable five star could had easily been what is in game already.