Can you help me build attack team

I currently use carl, ajax, regina, morgan, earl sutton. This team can get most teams but it is very very very slow. Can you please help me build a faster attacking team? Here is my characters:

Andrea, Tye, Morgan, Holly, Ajax

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All seem good except Holly, she’s more of a defense toon imo I’d put Piper in Holly’s place.

Get stun on Ajax, and double attack on andrea

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Blue Andrea lead, earl, Morgan, Kate and Ajax - get stun on Ajax

Reasoning - blue Andrea gives +40 attack and a huge bonus to ap to ranged toons. Her rush is directed at a single toon so pointed attacks. Earl is a disarm toon which has a lot of uses, he can rush and usually won’t trigger payback Negan for instance. He also has an active stun skill. Morgan, follow up toon give him the kill shot for an additional attack. Kate, attack up to your whole team, focus and 2 turns of healing. And Ajax shield if he has stun you can stun the enemy and control, if he ever gets his rush he can heal and taunt the enemy.

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Thanks. I will definetely try this team. I hope I get faster on the wars. Btw I follow your channel and I love it, really good content

Andrea lead, Siddiq, Regina, Earl Sutton and Holly. Holly to keep reviving them when needed and her guardian skill, Earl for his disarm and rush, Regina for maim and decap and Siddiq for his command.

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That team is also nice but not so fast. Like I said I need a faster team but thx anyway

Don’t forget about Piper. Her cutthroat makes her hit like a ton of bricks. Guaranteed disarm is nice too

I also like piper but I couldn’t fit her in any team. If anybody has a suggestion I can try it.

Btw I started using andrea, morgan,ajax,kate,earl

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