Can you guys make an event or game mode that isnt flawed in some way

This is a serious question why is 95% of the stuff you guys design flawed or just flat out garbage. It’s hard to get excited about going into Arenas with 1 free S class toon that I was given and facing full teams of them.


Coin purchases seem to always work perfectly…


They can’t. That’s a simple question.


You have to have competence, the one of many things lacking in scopley work place.


No, no they cannot :man_shrugging: They put their Greed over releasing Properly Beta Tested Working, Fun and Worthwhile game features and events unfortunately.

Ha. Ha ha. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

Of course they can’t.

I actually attacked yesterday a team like that… just to see how it feels! Double S Class Pete, double S Class Raulito and S Class Pryia! Anyone that’s unsure about quitting the game or not, go against a team like that one and you’ll be able to make a decision instantly! :sweat_smile:

coin purchasing.event
who ever spends the most money gets creams

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