Can you guys make an auto farm option?


What I mean is, create an option to let the game farm levels for you.

Example: You pick a level you want, choose how many times you want that level repeated with your current team, and let it replay those times, and when you want to stop the level from auto farming, just give us an option to stop level repeat at anytime. A game I used to play did this, and it works and saves time. If we had this people wouldn’t need to use VK macros cheat. Also for peeps sakes, give us an option to opt out of offers bc I’m very annoyed by the constant offer popups I get during war, farming, and events daily, so @kalishane what do ya think about this idea? Can you take this too LiveOps to see if they could implement this feature? I think the community would want this too. :slight_smile::+1:


Sorry, will never happen