Can you get banned for liking a post?


Know of several who posted nothing that would get them a ban, but liked stuff that might.

Are we banning for likes now?


Hmm never considered that till now. But I don’t think that happens.


IMO if you’re going to have likes, there also needs to be dislikes if you don’t agree with a post. The only way currently to show you disagree with something is to be vocal about it. Sometimes a simple dislike will get your point across without having to be forced to reply.


I don’t think so? That’s also against TOS rules to ban for nothing. The leaders got to look into that. That would be ridiculous.


Before someone says that there’s flagging I’ll beat them to it. Flagging isn’t “dislike” it’s “report”. And shouldn’t be used in that way lol.


I got banned for mentioning 2 words that both begin with S


Well, if people liked a comment or replied to something about SS, then yeah, they probably were banned for that. Lol


With all those closed threads and banned people left and right, would this move actually surprise anyone?
I’ve also seen that calling out a certain company’s bullshit and speaking the truth is now considered “bullying”. Good thing that all the shit that goes on event chat of crw is fine and dandy though.