Can you get banned for constantly switching devices?

i switch between a moto g7 power and an iphone 7 alot
just thought about this today lol

It is supposed that it is prohibited to do that, but Scopely does not care since there are many who make more than 1.5 million points in war, excessively high scores in wave 1, which could only be achieved by sharing the account between several people, in different devices (since it is obvious that a single mobile will not last 48 hours without charging).

nah im not a hacker
just switch between my phones a lot lol

I did not mean that you are a hacker hahaha, I also change my mobile very often, but I do it when I am at war and my mobile discharges, so I use the other one until it charges again, you must take care of the battery and not play while you charge mobile.

Depends. If one device is in London and the other is in Vladivostok, then it may be considered suspect


well i’m not from london or russia.
but im switching in the same location usually lol

You can switch between devices with no worries.

Alright thanks ma’am

VPN’s. I can be virtually wherever I want whenever I want.

To ban someone for a location change would be plain stupid. I would hope they would focus their efforts on people who actually are cheating and using the services of VK instead.

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I was primarily joking about VK. Though wasn’t there controversy that if you appear in different countries (typically a holiday - I think that was the example raised) they can take a dislike to it?


it kinda makes sense i guess to ban
if you keep popping into russia from florida every week it is kinda weird

What does location have to do with anything so long as your not actually cheating?

not really to much except vk is a russian thing
but cheaters do run rampant a lot so i dont know if scopely can even detect them to begin with

Not sure but it wouldn’t come as a shock to me if they did ban someone for “excessive” device swapping. They do dumb crap all the time.

All I know is I have been using a PC emu and a phone both with a VPN for over 3 years now and I don’t cheat and I’m still able to play the game.


account sharing is against tos, so when you’re primarily in texas, but 2 hours later it shows you are in london, its obvious that you are allowing someone else on your account.

Changing your location through a VPN has nothing to do with account sharing. That is something else entirely of which I know absolutely nothing about.

Every day my on-line location changes as I let the VPN auto-choose where I’m going to get the fastest speed. It’s usually in my general area but sometimes it’s not and like I already said it’s been 3 years of swapping back and forth between my PC and my Android and I’m still playing.

This is similar to the question of will using an emulator get you banned and again it’s been over 3 years and I’m still playing so my thinking is just don’t cheat and you probably have anything to worry about.

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Actual ToS prevent you from having more than 1 account per game “on a properly supported device”, but not one account on multiple devices. Sharing account / log in information with others is prohibited, but usage of emulators or VPN is explicitly not.

So switching between devices can lead to investigation for possible cheating, but shouldn’t lead to any countermeasures if such checks turn up negative. Also, usage of emulators per se isn’t a problem, unless used in conjuction with a script that would automate a task beyond a plausible human command sequence speed or otherwise exploit a mechanics that is virtually impossible on a normal device.

No that’s just not true. I got banned in my first Account bc this. I used 2 Routers at Home with Internet via Telephon and cable TV. 2 different Systems/technics. I used my Smartphone for LTE or 4G and then the Internet from my work place. Then I used my Smartphone, Tablet und my PC at work. Summa sumarum 4 different IP’s and 3 different divices and i got Perm banned bc account sharing!!


To be honest, this could elicit a ban as the switching might be rather excessive. Upon providing proof that all devices belong to the same user though, they might be compelled to lift the ban, but they have their full authority to do as they please, if they have a reasonable doubt about your possible transgressions.