Can you change aces for J&Q?

Can you market aces for J&Q on the black market? Is this possible? @WalkerTexasRanger


Wait I’ll just go check the black market… annnnd nope you can’t. Doing @WalkerTexasRangers job ftw


You’re doing pretty well if you have an overabundance of aces


I wish they wouldnt of put a cap on trading kings for aces I’m 10 aces short for prob my last royal flush and with how events go in my region it’s hard to place top 3 every event


With the event coming to an end it is harder to place in events,for aces etc…
But what I am hoping to find is that war will bless us with mystery gifts

use your coins to buy decks and keep farming cards rm. i was able to get 400 RF doing just that.

Scopes missed the boat on this one, selling Kings lmao, someone didn’t work out most peeps would need Jacks and Queens😂


J & Q cards have completely stopped dropping from those roadmaps. I havent seen a single one off late

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Me neither. Last couple of days I haven’t had any jack’s or queen’s at all.

I just used 25 cans and got 2, yes just TWO Q cards and not a single J card :angry:

Wow. That’s really bad :unamused: typical Scopely move nerfing the drops near the end.

I figured that out when I keep seeing these 100 dollar offers for the cards

Ya, I’ve been trying to drop only 10 for like hours the drop rate been awful

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