Can you add raid event back in

We haven’t had a raid event in a month, we have these cans we get from war and everywhere else, it’s a good way to get food and easy rewards, @GR.Scopely can you add it into this week?


Make it happen. @GR.Scopely

did u see events for.this week
terroties.over the weekend
no fac events

It’s a very lazy event calendar

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I hate hate hate hate raid tournaments. On pretty much every survey they send me, I tell them how much I hate it, and ask them to run them less frequently. The only event that’s worse is territory.

That said, I don’t think it should be removed from the game completely, and it would be time to have one. For example, why not replace the territory event with fac raid?


Bring them back!

I want to burn 100 raid cans for 1k vanilla cakes… Oh wait, I don’t have Hengyen. Maybe if they finally change rewards to choice boxes I may decide to burn my cans.

I’m not a big fan either but not having it for soo long, it helps with food gain and easy milestones like getting torches which we are getting less and less of. Even every 2 weeks is enough. But it’s more fun then level up we’re we have no gear or food :joy:


I agree level ups get so boring that need to add a raid event solo ot faction any will do! Please @GR.Scopely

How is it possible to run out of food?

Levelling up like 4 s class costs lol, supply depo tokens are running low just saves cost

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Seriously this has got to be a joke. This can’t be the weeks worth of events. Can someone explain what is going on lately with the lack of events. @GR.Scopely, anyone off PC. What is the reasons for it. Also on a side note when is something going to be altered about left over blue keys. Are they joining the plushies in never to be seen again collection. And please…meta relevant toons in the war wheel. Yeah…sure…Mike ffs

The territory event is awesome for top factions. Collectibles and red cakes. Sign me up.

I just wish they would open all of the territories at once to give all factions a chance to enjoy it. I believe there are 10 of them?

I have the 2 free S Class toons (both t3 maxed) and 2 museum S toons maxed. 500 items to claim 3rd one.

Rewards need to be choice boxes. Last raid i used cans was when #1 was cones.


Idc, lol just asking for an event

They can’t put a raid event on right now. That would help with the current event missions and we can’t have that.

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Hate raids worst event. Big slog to raid

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Nah, top faction takes 4, second faction 3 and the other factions can struggle to take the other for 10 minutes.

All (region-based) events are awesome for top factions, that’s not the issue. If you’re not in a top faction, you have to work twice as hard to get a tenth of the rewards anyway, and we can live with it. Territory events are the only event where 80% of the players or so get nothing; not even close to getting anything. Every other event, you work for it, you get at least something.

I don’t mind top factions getting extra stuff, the game is so stratified that we were never in any form of competition, so whatever you get does not really affect me. That’s fine. Just have them sent to your inbox as a special reward for being #1, and have literally anything else in its place.

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