Can you add decap alpha to season 4 store?


Bro what are you talking about? She is ready by turn 4 and melts the opposing team


Please do this!!!??

Haven’t pulled an Ascendable from 5* tokens since the last wheel update. Only want alpha. F the rest of them :joy:


Kal is great.


I forgot he was even in there tbh. Just been the cycle of the same toons yet again… zeke’s morgan’s Rocky’s… :sob::sob:

Figured saving would help, and nope. Burned 100k tokens and nada. Fml


You saw her after she was buffed and the enemy was debuffed. Alpha alone can’t kill a whole team, so her role is replaceable with anyone else with an AoE, like Shawn.


Yea I saved up for a while. Was able to get him with two ten pulls. Can count the number of alphas I got. She evaded me for a while, now she seems to be all my wheel pulls lol.


Ahh lucky to have got her. Now you are cursed lol. I hope I can snag her soon like, need a melee Decap in my life lol. Grabbed Chris in case I managed to get lucky… figures :joy:


They can always do things, but will they actually do it? This is the question!


Depends on the team. All yellows are done (yes people make teams like that).


Plus who is gonna take on a full team with just Alpha :joy: of course support from other characters are going to help.


I rather like mods, ive faced some people with completely f2p teams who have got their mods spot on and it blew me away. It makes cookie cutter teams have surpring outcomes. Even these top tier toon teams, ive seem them smashed to pieces (even without Diego, alice, ect) from lacking correct mods. You would be surprised how many spend huge amounts and have no idea how to put a team together


Fixed it :point_up::roll_eyes:


maybe because shawn isnt a decap…


Nah i want her to replace gov on anti melee team. Her and sandy would fair very well together.


Good idea!


Tyrese yeh, alpha meh.


No. Go pay money to get her like the rest of us


Can you bring back the two weapons from season one store?


you really paid to get her? :joy::joy:


Yes I did. Jelly ?