Can you add decap alpha to season 4 store?


Or maybe we can get a new decap. I want a decap Aiko


Exactly I use her with 5* Negan as lead against Lydia teams rushing 3rd turns with 65 atk from command Glenn before defense gets any buff and it enough…I tell yall she can be beast with right combo


Yeah if decap resist mods ever became a real thing i’ll be done with the game


The thing about alpha, she is a good toon to have for people who dont have her while she is not game breaking nor is it gonna make ftp suddenly beat p2w teams, however it will help ftp become a bit better and might give a slight shift away from the stale meta we been experiencing for long. This way it gives ftp something to keep them still interested amd feel like progressing while still maintaining the p2w have the best decap toons


You forget who you’re negotiating with. Start Alice, ends up with 5* ascendable Barker


Some higher quality caps - no defense buff, the defense icon was from Tyreese’s indomitable. I waited specifically until the buff was gone so it didn’t skew the damage.
Never got Negan/Madison so I’m without an AP lead, but the point was it doesn’t matter how fast she gets to rush, she wasn’t killing anyone with that level of damage output. That Lydia was starting the raid with nearly 5k HP so without breaking her down sufficiently (which wasn’t really an option with shield Jesus in the way, no focus toons and no disarm to ensure her AD wouldn’t go off every hit) before rushing there wasn’t a chance she was getting put down.


I don’t mind Alpha being in the store. I think asking for wayland is a bit much imo. He’s still one of the better premiers. Although they should make an event around him… but there are other good options to consider.

I think the best one to include in the store that has been around for a long time and would certainly help a lot of folks is red Hershel. Would love to see him in there or as an event. He fills a lot of needs that the f2p players seem to have a difficulty with. @JB.Scopely


I won’t argue with you. It’s hard to use her due to the lack of an ap green lead. And even then, you need to avoid guardian shields and ap drains. Sigh, I wish they just got rid of mods.


I need another whisper to make 5
So any whisper would be okay with me.


I think wayland is better than alpha for season 4…


Pls no ffs. I got 2 of her, but she is crap…


Ofc wayland is better, but he is a top premier toon so ofc they wont offer him for free, alpha on the other hand is ftp material


That is generally how it works rolls slowly downhill to ftp when their worth is near nil


He’s not awesome because Alpha is female.


Which mods has Alpha? I use an attack mod with extra damage to fast and another with extra damage to blue.

Don’t know what your Alpha has but if she didn’t had a mod with extra damage to fast or any other maybe there is the issue…

that 2.8k dmg could be 5.6k dmg…

At least it work with mine…


Alpha is good but mushy .Give her up and let the children play xD.


Ive no issues taking out full high end erik teams or Lidia. Possibly try brining in kate with 8% and shes gives focus and buff. That should allow you to get alpha off before all the healing and buffs start.


Getting rid of mods altogether would be the biggest improvement they could make to this game


You do have a thing for her huh?


Trust me she’s worthless , go for Tyresse in supplies depot ,maxe him and enjoy the moment when he cut throats of your enemies .