Can you add decap alpha to season 4 store?

Like the title said it would be nice for everyone who isnt lucky enough to pull alpha from 5* tokens to get a chance for decap alpha which would maybe help change this stale meta


I surport this!! :raised_hands:


I have 3 decap Tyreese’s and not a single decap Alpha :joy:


i hve decap alpha but he is not that awesome anyways

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You have to start high then negotiate down. Alice to the league store por favor. Will also accept Harper


Put Decap Wayland in there instead please! Along with other things that will never ever happen!


A: She
B: She is that awesome.
C: I have three of her, so would rather have Wayland added to league 4
D: #InMyDreams


True even though i mainly use shawn i still want alpha for some reason​:joy::joy:

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Listen to this man, he knows what he’s talking about, wayland will get you further then alpha will

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Keep dreaming dude

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I saw a video of her kill a whole team with just her rush. I don’t know your team but she is awesome.

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I can’t do that.

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Would love that don’t have a decap but I do have disarm bruce

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he is awesome but dont expect him since he is a very good. But i dont minf if they put this guy


Watch, they’re gonna put yellow Negan in the league store.


I’ve wiped low levels teams with alpha using victors debuff, that ain’t happening against a top level team though

I have the decap Alpha, still working on maxing her out and so far, while not an “I win button” still pretty good. Would love to t4 her but with the gear strangle hold, I am looking at a solid month until can get enough from league store. Probably still be playing.

Wayland is arguably the only promo decap left (Sandy through the road warrior event, Chris has been on a few of the “cheap” wheels) which is why so many Eric teams skew blue. So I doubt he’s on the agenda for any kind of freebie event, definitely not the league store. Not until decap resist mods arrive of course.

I’m not sure why Alpha is so badly wanted; she’s close to worthless against medium-high level teams (and no one should even need a decap against low level ones):

40% atk on weapon, attack set mods, 40% Abe lead skill, 85% Heath buff and a 50% def debuff on the other team - nada. And while they had bonus HP, the amount of damage done to them wouldn’t have killed them even without.

Any time I’ve brought her against a Lydia team (aka the only team she’s supposed to be good against) she’s been more of a liability than an asset. Far too many things need to fall into place to ensure she gets the final hit - I’ve had way more success with a controlling team because it doesn’t matter who kills who so long as the opponents are in a constant state of disarray.

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Your rushing alpha AFTER Lydia’s rush… so yea. That’s not gonna work because of the bonus hp and 75 def buff. Try using five star green negan to see if you can rush her turn three. Or red Madison with an 8 percent weapon.

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Alpha was in every wheel event and its in war wheel now and 5 token wheel and u want her in league store now lol