Can we talk about problems with War, again?

So, I have decided to actually put in some effort during this war. The past few have been so disheartening that I get frustrated and give up, but my faction recently remade itself (rebranded in same region) and we need all hands on deck to fill out our roster as we only have about 10 players now. The reason I give this information is because, as a faction, we are starting over in leagues. The faction rank is lower than it was before, as we dumped a bunch of dead weight, but our active players moved with us. With our new ranking, we are 11th, when we used to be 3rd or 4th.

Now that the background is out of the way, onto the ongoing issues with war:

  1. Matchmaking: I have always been lead to believe that the matchmaker searches for a relatively equal, or close to equal opponent first. Remember reading that the game spends the first few minutes looking for a close matching, after that preset time, it begins to widen the search, until a match is found.

Nothing in my experience confirms this. We are continually matched instantly against top 30 teams, while we rank between 90-120ish. The percentage of even matches is about 20%

  1. AFK super ptw team: More than in the past, when we get matched against a faction that is close to us, we defeat all but one of the enemy faction. One team, usually afk with zero points, is unbeatable. We can hold all towers, use our best trait specific teams, and yet the defend perfectly. I don’t know if they are cheating, although I suspect it. The point being that one AFK player should not be able to run out the whole clock. They are wasting everyone’s time.

A solution to this would be, after a set amount of time the AFK player get their defense dropped by the game. This would encourage activity and speed the game along.

  1. Unable to see mods of opponents: This goes along with number 2. Why can’t we see what mods players are using? We see their weapons. If the game is going to allow a Super Saiyan to sit there and waste everyone’s time, they should not be able to hide what they are using.

  2. Better rewards for all participants: I am not saying that they should be the same quality as the top placers, but they should be better. Using my faction again as an example: What is the motivation for warring, knowing we probably going to place around 100 if we end up unable to upgrade anything. Referencing the Matchmaking again, milestones are much harder to reach than before and without upgrading characters, it is not going to get better.

Anyway, that is my little rant. Feel free to add to the list any issues that I may have left out. I am sure there are many.


long click on the toon will show there mods


The game shouldn’t drop an opponent def because you cant beat them. You have a way out, retreat. These sound more like your factions problems as opposed to war problems in general

  1. Did you participate in all wars to know this? This time our matchmaking is in stretches…5-10 wars weaker factions, 5-10 wars same strength factions, 5-10 wars stronger factions. Don’t know if it’s just us, but once again something was changed

  2. You can retreat

  3. Huh? You can see mods

  4. If rewards for #100 are made x10, you think higher rewards wont also be x10?

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Thanks for the info, I will try that.

Been trying the long click you mentioned. Maybe I am doing it wrong but when the specific character profile comes up, the mod screen only shows empty mods.

More than likely people ranked around you aren’t searching as much as the higher ranked teams. That’s why you keep matching with them.

And yeah. It sucks when you get one afk person that nobody can beat. But that’s what the retreat button is for like someone said.


My point about rewards is this. If an event is going on where you need Heads, or Knives or some such, then every participant should get one of them. Top placers are already getting several, so what does it hurt to give out one of them?

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Finishing #160 in war gets you 50 heads. Finishing #4 gets you 150… How about that? War just 1/20 (at most) of the time and get 1/3 of the rewards. Is that not good enough? Currently in my group #4 has 83 wars #160 has 5

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Sure, for us, as we have a good chance to be in top 150. My point still stands about everyone being able to get some of the event items for participating in war while event is ongoing.

As @Carl440 pointed out, lower factions are not warring much at all, you said as much also. If they even got 5 items, they may be encouraged to participate more.

Your faction can retreat, which will save you sitting there the whole hour. Not ideal but better than waiting

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True, as several have said that retreat is an option, and I am glad they added that. Makes for a tough choice of going for a win, or queuing up faster and most likely getting an unwinnable war. Have always been a fan of meaning full choices in games, so as you said, better than nothing.

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True there is a lot wrong with the game balance in many regards

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Point one is hilarious , in my experience matchmaking now waits until it can find factions close in strength, not in rank. So in theory you could be rank 25 facing rank 102 and that seems like a mismatch until you see that both war parties damn near have the same defenses/toons.

I haven’t faught a single peteless team this weekend


I should have been more clear. My issue is less with the team that can’t be beat by me, or by any of my faction mates, even though they have much stronger teams than I. My issue is with a person being AFK, scoring no points and holding everything up.

Don’t think that is necesarily true. If you’re in a faction that has trouble filling, you will need to be constantly in game because you can’t afford to miss a single war, especially if it’s a fair one, if you want to have a chance of hitting milestones, and you get barely anything for your effort. I’ve been there in the past. Factions that fill quickly, you might be done in the first day already and could take it easy from there.

If you’re talking faction average, you’re obviously right,

Well, they get five (at least if they do at least one attack). Are there any CRW matchups where there’s more than 1000 factions?

But I don’t think that would work. People in those factions are mostly casual players that login 3-4 times a day for a couple of minutes, play a raid, roadmap or territory, and are usually quite happy with that. They’re not suddenly going to play hours for some rotten heads.

As far as I am aware, matching is by average maximum team grade of the war party, not ranking. If you’re a faction of 10 highly active players with good teams, you’re going to get ranked up a lot, because many of the teams near your level also have newer players, minis, casual players etc. that have lower team grades and will drag down the average.

It’s not the best system, because of course Doc Stevens and Zach are much better than Leon and Stephanie, but when maxed they probably contribute similar amounts to team grade.


Lol. When that happens I usually turn on Netflix and farm towers for refills. :joy:

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How can a person be awf and hold everything up unless they are a general?

I don’t think you quite get wars and what you say makes no sense. If the same 10 actives are playing you should be doing the same. Sounds like you left more than dead weight behind.

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I will clarify. One player on opposing faction, contributing no points to their teams score. All other enemy faction dead. Preventing timely end of war. Now whether you think this is good game play or not is not the point. The point is it happens and therefor is not impossible to understand.

We are, I do, and as far as not understanding how war works… hmm maybe I should post on the forum and get some clarification. Oh wait, that is what I am doing.

Thanks for your constructive input.

Then you can’t win the wr if you can’t beat them unless you sit it out the whole hour. Your fac just isn’t good enough.

I agree with jojo. Maybe you should merge with a more active faction and get more understanding of war mechanics before grandstanding like your problems are encountered by all.