Can we talk about how EPIC Avengers: Endgame was? SPOILERS!


What an amazing movie… Im so speechless that my jaw hit the ground and broke it… tell me your thoughts


Will not spoil anything, but went to an early release showing at midnight. It was amazing. Just awesome.

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Over here please

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Don’t read if ya haven’t watched it

Im serious final warning

This is not a joke

Iron man and black widow sacrifice themselves and saves the rest

They all go back in time and gather all the stones and bring back the dead ones, thanos tries to redo the snap but Iron man takes all the stones from him thanos snaps his fingers thinking stones are in gauntlet but its actually in iron mans hand so iron man snaps his finger and kill Thanos and his army ( you have to be strong enough to snap your finger or it will kill you) so… goodbye Tony


I bet this fake


Nope, it’s real.




He warned you.


Yeah I thought it was a joke but I’m going to see endgame on sunday.


Well now it’s ruined for you.
Hope it was worth reading lmao


I hope I can forget it.


Sorry pal lol it wasn’t a joke


Yep, but don’t be pissed at Gardun.
He did warn you.

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I was spoiled too… I read some of google reviews

And be careful there are some theories on youtube that are actually now spoilers


I like the comic books better…the movies were just stupid soap opera drama.


Not planning on seeing it so being spoiled is the next best thing :grinning:


Im trying to get into those… don’t know where to start


Get the trade paperbacks and save money…infinty guantlet is all you need…infinty war and the ones after were just done to capitalize on guantlet fame and they suck.

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