Can we take a moment to discuss offers?


Specifically, the sheer number of times I get a f***ing popup every time I’m trying to play. The lag when I start the game is poor enough; it’s only made worse by the added logic to display the f***ing offers. I’ve spent enough money – let me opt out of the f***ing offers!


I agree that many times i will finish a stage and this pop up takes over. They pop up when the first arrive and then again a little before they are to expire. Its a bit much and degrades and already difficult nonstop farm game.


Yeah when u flood the game with things that are not truly offers, players just begin to ignore them.

What happened to a sale being a sale? Why do I need a pop up every time I come out of a war battle. Why are they so poorly price that it would be cheaper for me to buy items full price than to buy and offer and receive the lowest value (which is highest odd, and deceptively shown as equal odds in the display screen suggesting odds are even).


I agree it’s too much. Constantly flooded with pop ups way too often it’s super annoying.


Agree. Way way to annoying.