Can we stop with all these lvl up tournaments?


I am literally sucked dry of all the materials and equipment needed to actually hit the super high milestones! on top of that your not giving us a chance to get 6* tier 4 gear or ultra rear gear! please change this up we had many lvl ups within this week! and make more faction events!


If they are going to keep doing the level ups they need to realize we were only hitting the 2 million milestones when 6 stars first came out and we had lots of high score leveling to do. but now with 6 stars trickling out these milestones don’t make any sense.



I’m very sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately they are not going to stop despite the pleas of cries of 90% of the player base.


Well, I actually don’t have an issue with that because I do like to go at my own pace, without being told what to level. It’s the notion of those high ass milestones that people can’t hit. Also the fact that resources are scarce. If they gave us more way to get resources, and lower the high milestones, and give better prizes, then hey, this wouldn’t be an issue.

P. S.

Might as well get rid of factions then if everything is going to be solo. Lmao.