Can we skip the animation when we complete a stage and instantly go to the results when farming done


Since there are a lot of farming to do everyday, those a few seconds of animation that shows item one by one is unnecessary, it feels like taking forever for it to finish and so that we can go on the next farming.

and can we fast forward the rush animation by 1 click only during the entire farming in one stage, not constantly require to click on it to fast forward every time a rush is going on, I mean if you can’t turn the rush off entirely which; however, will be ideal.


There are improvements coming to speed up combat. This is one of them (tapping to skip the reward animations). An enhancement was logged to be able to disable rush usage during auto-combat, but there’s no time frame for that enhancement AFAIK.

Option on off Rush

Can a note be added to somehow disable rush’s on an individual toon basis? When it comes to farming you usually want 1 toon to rush for crit advantage, but not the rest.


Which is very logical since some give crit buff. Also please remove shielding from zombie levels…


I think time required to implement that would deprioritize the enhancement. Would rather leave the enhancement the way it is so that it will get implemented sooner than later.

I did add a comment to it.


Dont bring shields…i like it


That was brought up some time last month and already fixed for the 9.2 update, so it’ll be fixed then.