Can we save war tokens?

I was wondering if we can save up war tokens like 5* tokens. If we don’t want anything this time, can we use these tokens next time? Does anyone know? Thanks

No. They get converted to sd points.


That sucks :expressionless: thanks:hugs:

so i am warring here for 1 war energy … 5 legendary tokens and a silencer


You must be new if you think Scopely is ever that generous.

So someone save at least one token from the last war stash? If so, what happened:

-Turn into SD points?
-Do they actually stack with this war tokens?

Nope i had 9 left overs from last war after my pull and wanted to see if i can save them for future wars but they are gone at the start of the crw when i checked. Dunno what the hell happened to them though.

I saved mine and they turned into depot points, 24 tokens=2400 depot points.

Based on the wording here, scopely makes it sound like they can be saved. So did they change it maybe? If not this is deceptive. It clearly states current and upcoming events. I could see how some might think it implies they can be saved. Would be nice to get a clear answer.

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They get converted.End of story

Perfect. Keep posting these techniques to circumvent this so they stop with these stashes.

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