Can we pls have

Its been a few months from last gear event can we pls get one thanks?


No ( 7 chars)

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The new “gear event” is perpetual, and now goes by the name “League Store.” :upside_down_face:


There is now a permanent gear event happening in the shop


6 bits of gear a week is shit dude… am not going wait a week to gear one toon.

League coins can cover some of the cost of refreshing the gear stock cool down, but I agree there needs to be more means of acquisition.

Bring back the replayable roadmap where we could stack gear and itemised what was needed / spent money with cans when needed… But nope scopley saw that the higger increase in fuel efficiency they had to nerfed that , they also nerfed the scavanger loot drop of red fuel cans as bonus items been 14 months since I received a single can from a scavanger pull

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But no worries my stockpile is still strong won’t be getting any coins from me any time soon unless milestones improve :+1:t2:

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They also nerfed the loot drop of basic trainers token as if 1star are really important

Nah only if it’s for monthy survivors clubs members.

which now doesnt work. we can still buy the offers though :roll_eyes:

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@JB.Scopely what is up with this? Wow, so the “prize” from most war crates will now be +80% chance at 1* weapons or toons? That’s just absolute crap, if that’s all they’re good for I’d rather not receive them.

Yeah really, since when have we used 1* weapons… oh i know, when we started the damn game!

Gear events were too well received so they had to be stopped.

How you have more raid than war

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