Can we please remove this

These red notification buttons are super annoying. The only time I’m interested in seeing them is when it’s time to make a pull of open a crate. I hate them with a passion. Is anyone else feeling the same way about them?


nitpicking?? No pun intended but wow are there more pressing issues in this game currently


Any suggestion is welcome @PSMike – it’s important I gather suggestions and document it. It’s the studio’s job to prioritize accordingly or tackle things we can do quickly as well.

Always feel free to post a suggestion in the Suggestions category! :slight_smile:

Address the world cans issue please. Thank you. (Check my “14 Greivances” post)


Bet you a $20 itunes card… @kalishane never responds to you…


@kalishane There is a significant difference between gathering & documenting, and then actually addressing & responding. Recent evidence points to an ever growing gap between the two. Soon is not an answer, or an appropriate response. In fact, it has become tantamount to a “four-letter word” on these forums. Actually addressing legitimate concerns and posts (and PMS - hint, hint) would be HUGE right now.

Please, and thank you.


I don’t mind them, I like the one on the Battle button since it tells me when a new road map is up. The rest are not so great but I rather keep that one useful thing then remove 3 not so useful things.

No. They let you know something has been updated.

I wouldn’t be opposed to an option to turn them off but you didn’t suggest that.

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See your 20 and raise it to 100. I’m that confident. :rofl:


I’m of course referring to this. It’s on the 9.2 Beta. There wasn’t previously notification icons for faction activity now there is. It gets shown in the menu and tricks you into thinking it’s stuff in your inventory