Can we please quit putting stuff like this in wheels?

This is meant as a feedback post, not to complain… but i seriously opened the wheel and got one cake! At least a four star toon(although it still sucks to pull that) has some type of use. Honestly wondered/hope if maybe it was an accident?


It’s pretty much worthless. It’s a way for them to cancel out single pulls to make them equate to nothing. At least a 4 star gets you depot points. 1 cake is 0.025% of an S Class IF you have 2 of that S class as a 6 star already fully maxed. It’s insulting.


1 cake is worth like, what 10-20 coins? I dont think some random 4* is worth that much…

Nope. 20% chance for collection items but it doesn’t specify the different amounts. Scopely knows what they’re doing… when it comes to their promos at least.


Scopley = The Ultimate Troll


It’s a regulations trolling.
Technically, they were forthright.
Realistically, they were a piece of turd-cake

yes its really annoying

It’s worth 0 coins unless you have 2 Laopoas totally maxed. And if it was worth 20 coins, then you are saying promoting Laopao to S class for those who already have 2 of him should cost the equivalent of 80k coins.

4 stars have an actual in game value (albeit miniscule) for tokens.

I was off by a little bit. Assuming chocolate cake ends up being roughly in the same ballpark as blue keys and cupcakes… Torches are roughhhllly close to cake/keys, 1 torch actually probably being a little bit more than 1 key/cupcake. And torches are sold around the ballpark of 7-10 coins each. So Blue keys/cupcakes/chocolate cake probably ends up being around 6-7 coins each. U can buy that in the store for around $0.10… So yea… If you wanted to spend spend spend to get S Class Laopo with no patience, you’d be looking at around $1000. That’s in the same neighborhood as the other S-Class characters when they were brand new - a little bit cheaper to be honest.

And moreover, Keys, cupcakes, cake… They all have a lot more value to me than a supply token. I know that eventually these will turn into a badass S-Class character. Maybe a year from now or so? Beats a 4 star. Wtf do I need supply tokens for?

So you’re excited about something that’ll give you a character next year that’s coming out right now? How useful is Laopo gonna be when 7*s X-Class are out?

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True but it doesn’t mean they are worth that though.

With Laopoa you need 2 of him to do so first. That’s another hurdle.

Totally get what you are saying here. But selling less than a hundred 4stars gets you enough for a Ascendable not on sale. Less for 1 on sale.
But yes these will be worthless in the future compared to S class.

I literally have not seen an ascendable in my supply depot in 2019. Not holding my breath nor will I be super stoked when it “gives me” another Main gren Negan. I, however, will be stoked to get Laopo in a few month or year or so. So yea to me I prefer to get keys/cupcakes/chocalte cakes. Yea, 1 sucks, but that’s super rare. I’m p happy to get 5, 10, etc. key/cakes. JMHO I guessss!!!

SS class

super sayian
they all good with yellow hair

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