Can we PLEASE have the FARMABLE gear roadmap back?


The ultimate gear roadmap is not good at all.
You cannot farm it.
You can only do it once a day.

More gear for less

The icon for the roadmap changed right? I was excited because I thought it meant it had been updated. 2 acts in… I shouldn’t have had expectations lol.


I don’t mind it. Have enough walkies and bags to sell for food at this point. The other gear I am set too. Lowest is NVG at 40.

Costs no cans to run it. All natural energy.

Now a 6s gear map…pretty please!


Zero energy?


Fixed it. Thanks!


How long ago was the last farmable one anyway?


Farmable gear map is done. Get used to that fact. It had many problems just like the new map does. Let’s discuss how we can make the newer map work better for all of us.

  1. Remove the 1st section. It’s redundant. We have the silver walkies to get this gear.

  2. Lower the cost to run each stage. Sure anyone over 100 can run it daily for free but what about the majority of the players. Expecting people to spend world cans to get necessary gear is a terrible practice.

  3. Let people select the stage if unwilling to do #2 that way at least people can get the one daily item as needed or do both.

  4. Run it 7 days a week. Give people more chances to get the gear.

These are purely of my opinion but I do think that these changes would go a long way to helping out the players. Feel free to agree or disagree but lets keep it civil and positive. We all want the same thing. A better game.


Completely agree with this.


Old or new all i want is the ability to farm so i can participate on level up events. Is odd that level up goals remain low after the increase of renown points and the amount of gear per week are limite.

Can we add fun things to the game, like a daily pvp event or bliz war?


Adding an extra couple of days is not a fix. Neither is the one day gear supply. I have 6 t3 hunters at t3 level 70. I won’t even upgrade them because I’m worried about running out of gear. It’s just so ridiculous.

How about making a guareenteed bag drop after completing the entire map. Farming this thing isn’t an option with the low drop rate.


Please list these ‘many problems’. I’d have that old gear map back any day.


And neither was the old map. Who knows when it might show up if at all, It costs 24 energy which was a huge waste of cans and sometimes you wouldn’t even get the item. Then on top of that I used to be gear locked because of rng I never had any beanies. I was at 3 beanies to 31 flaks at one point. No thanks.

I am deaing with reality. The new map is here and we need to make it work for all. The old map is gone that is a fact. They have made zero mention of it ever returning.


Well good luck living in the past. Read abve for the obvious problems with the old map.


I’ve never not gotten a drop on the old map when I farmed it with leads. Yes use bronze medals had a chance of not getting anything. But come on. I’m lucky to get one bag drop through the 15 stages. It’s horrible. No way would I farm this thing.


Again I like to live in the real world. So right now we have 4 days to grab the goggles. With it running every day that ups it to 7. Run it every day and you will once again have a surplus. Yes there are too many hunter toons in the game. Thats why they now also have the depot. That gives a few more if the rng is kind.

People keep forgetting that we had to beg for them to put up the old maps. That was annoying. If you were away from the game for a few days you could miss it and have to wait an entire month.


Or… we can keep voicing our displeasure and not lie down and accept a bad product.


They changed it to this format, I can’t see them changing it back. I wish they ran it 7 days a week, but I’m happy I don’t have to wait once every couple weeks or a month or more to get the gear I need.


You have to wait WAY longer in this system than last. Every good player stocked up than once a month besides bags and walkies. In a month currently… we get 12 of each. Unacceptable.


Sorry but it’s getting beyond old. It’s been months and they have not only not put up the old maps they have also flat out ignored the requests. So again. Let’s deal with what we have and find a way to make it work for the good of all.


Yeah it isn’t farmable, it sucks. But I spend my free energy on it. Could be worse