Can we please have more pop up ads?

I really feel like there haven’t been enough pop up ads put into the game. I mean, having a one pop up (and sometimes even two!) appear every time I unlock my phone and open the game might be enough for some people, but not me. I think you could probably put 5, maybe even 6 pop ups, just to really provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking the ability to even play the game.

/s, in case that’s not completely clear

More seriously, can this not be set to something like once per hour, or every fifth time the game is opened? It’s really starting to be annoying.


Was watching vids this morning after every other one had a popup. Made me want to throw my phone across the room


Exactly! I get that there are going to be some ads, but the frequency is just insane. It feels like they’ve been increasing the number of ads recently too.

I dont disagree, but other games are far worse… looking at you Raid…


It has been worse than usual as of late.

Someone has lost their mind asking for more ad pop ups. Maybe their thinking of the constant Splash screen’s that have drastically increased lately.

yup the worst part is that i dont have a ‘x’ to close the pop up so it forces me to follow where the pop up leads.


Yeah. Is annoying like hell. But not only annoying, pretty dangerous too…

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So you click in automatically by? There is no confirmation before you spend money?

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I don’t know. And I don’t intend to find out either. This experience was more tham enough for me. Brrrrr

if u buy everything, it will disapear!


Yup! A lot of the pop ups aren’t designed properly to fit the screen ::

FYI, the /s means its sarcasm.

They need to fck off with these insane pop up ads for there over prised offers the game keeps crashing wile doing raids arena sr and they just pop up bam game resets

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If they keep on popping up like this during wars, I won’t be participating much this weekend. It’s beyond ridiculous at this point. It’s almost like every time you go to a new screen there’s a new ad. It’s definitely happening every time I switch into the game.

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