Can we PLEASE have a way to DESTROY Materials AKA wood/lumber!


I hate having to spend resources JUST to get rid of material…
I know we can go into armory and just add +1 then RESET the item but it takes a lot of time… I’m at a point where I just want to dump it all away. We all have TOO MUCH LUMBER! nothing to do with it. FFS help me!

I’m sitting on 2 million lumber and I already made 3k grenades and about 3k gas grenades. At this point it’s just wasting FOOD material which I need more. arg


Why not just leave it full?


Stupid “YOUR FULL” pop up box comes up ALL THE TIME… after ever mission… every raid… EVERYTHING


or just give us something we can use it on… FFS there has to be something we can burn all this wood on


I wish we could convert some to food. A daily collection for wood->food or something similar would be amazing.


OMG dude that is such an amazing idea! i bet EVERYONE would love this. But im 120% sure scopely wont do it because its a great idea.


That’s actually something that should happen, literally.

It’s December. Gotta stay warm. Bonfires help with that sometimes.

Though it’s like 60 in DC right now x/


Good idea. But a more realistic idea would be to be able to turn off that notification.


We’re still looking into a wood / food conversion-y system.

I don’t have the details yet but it’s on the list!


or cooking option? make SUPER food… or something.


Just craft it away dude. Geez. It’s not like it’s affecting you.


Simple “● Dont show this again” will be awesome, nothing more…


OR make lumber useful!!!


Right…And run out of other materials just to waste wood.

The game is ridiculous.




I still advocate for being able to craft shirts and gloves with it to help ease the number you need to farm from the weekly roadmap.


a faction town that you dump wood into to upgrade would be good


I think the ability to convert wood to gloves and shirts is the best idea.
Hit two birds with one stone: get rid of useless wood, and save time grinding for shirts and gloves.


This is an old and enduring request that regularly came up on the old forum with lots of good suggestions.

All they need to do to solve it is switch any 1 of the replenish items to be wood only rather than food only. That would probably take a coder a few minutes at most.

The very fact that they have constantly ignored such a simple and easy thing to improve is why so many people are so down on Scopely.


No way… We’d rather turn wood into something useful. Crafting items we won’t use is not solving the problem.

The whole shop needs to be reworked! From the store prices (smelling salt cost 80 coins, wth), to being able to convert items crafted back into its original materials, at a lower rate I get that.

The Option of converting wood etc. to other various materials like food etc.

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