Can we please have a way to destroy legendary medals! I have too many


Oops sorry, I found a way to get rid of all these legendary medals that are clogging up my inventory.

Here is the method

How to get rid of your legendary medals

  1. Ascend Negan
  2. Watch Negan get smacked like a noodle
  3. Ascend Abe
  4. ROFL blues on defense


Buyers remorse?


Lol :joy::joy::joy:… Ascend red rosita also


Don’t forget to ascend blue shane, he’s so OP as a 6*. You’re seriously missing out without him on your atk and def team.


I’m saving my coins to pull for Blue Shane and RedSita next promos!


I am still tempted to ascend 2 Negans despite all the negative press. :frowning:


He is good against 5* blues for sure! He’s also beast mode on FA and SR (but I can’t stand those modes lol)

Give him an AD weapon and he is certainly useful, just not on defense in war (which is the only place I need toons)


Ask Scopley support if they could take away all of your medals. You’ll be happy after that.


What about that new Garret lead with 2 Abe’s and 2 Negans. Maxing hp and def with a special def on the weapons? Sounds Uber tanky. Just looking to slow them down.


Isn’t he only defense vs. certain colors?

The problem with NEgan is this. With AD he is tanky vs Blue and Red. But vs Carl of Shiva he is absolutely easy. Shiva stuns him and makes him nothing, or just normal hits. Because he is yellow, his evasion just doesn’t do enough when shiva is hitting for 1.5K per hit normal attack

Abe is only good vs red. Any other color destroys him without much trouble. If he has a + ATK buff and rushes, he can kill Mirabelle. But not Carl or Shiva behind carl etc…


So 12 days later, and we actually have winnable legendar medals, ALMOST enough to do a single 6* !

Almost enough to do a SINGLE CHARACTER, and only if you win 1st (my faction currently winning)

I’ve also bought the laughably overpriced SD crate for 5 lousy medals.

Maybe another 12 days I will have 300 ? So this means I’m on pace to ascend 1 6* every 2 months ROFL In a top faction btw

How much worse is it for those in factions rank 9 etc…? Everyone under the top 5 just lost 50% of their members on my region, to a retirement home faction


Heh. Noodle Negan.

Eenie meenie minie meatball!


Yeah… Been there for a few months. Sorry man. I know how you feel.


Somebody in my faction actually t4ed blue shane. Now that’s his only t4. All I could do was shake my head.


And who is to blame? I would blame Scopely Management for having 6* that “are useless in the meta”

But for some reason, many on these forums blame the players, for acending toons… .LMAO. Yeah it’s OUR FAULT that Wet Noodle Negan, Shane, BLabe, Yumiko etc… are useless on defense. :smiley: