Can we please get an Ultra Rare Gear Map?


Its been almost a month without one. Can we please have an ultra rare gear map?


We will check if one is in the works.


Oh will you ??


Yep! When Shane gets in.




Hey guys, checking!


Nope you can get them from the Homemart Stash good luck getting what you need without completing it.


thank you very much! <3


Sounds like there will be an Ultra Rare map again on Sunday!


That sounds awesome. Thanks


While thats good news, why is it on war weekend? it is possibly the worst possible time for it as people will obvoiusly be busy with war, and more importantly droppers wont be up as we dont want to be creamed in war


thank you @kalishane




checking again, where is the gear map? Its almost Monday :slight_smile:


Why are we continually lied to ?? Ultra rare gear roadmap promised but again nothing. Yougive us characters that have to require these items to level then you dont give us this gear. This bull shit about subject to change can stop as well. None of your offers requesting our money ever sem to “change” nor is there any glitches. Start treating the community better. These roadmaps should be weekly. Free to play !!! Bullshit



So no Gear Map?


They said the map would be released Sunday, but they did not say which Sunday hehehehe


Ffs :sob::sob::sob::sob:


This sucks so bad if we dont get this gear i wont have enough to compete in the level up to get the weapon parts for the gun


By ultra gear do you mean the home art gear stash will be up until Sunday? Then yes Sunday as an day to buy your gear is the time!!!