Can we please get an official response about garret


Let us know when we can expect him.


You’ll be getting a shield magna apparently but you won’t be able to provide any evidence you got one such as screenshotting it or anything


They can’t chew pancakes and tell J.B what to say at the same time.


Lol I don’t know why that sounds weird. Chew pancakes… Naa that doesn’t sound right lol


They already gave a respond saying they had issues with their data servers and that got in the way but they are trying to get you yalls garret


Where was this response you say they already gave? I missed it.


It was an official response but I forgot where it was. I didnt care at all since I got garret and my tokens so I just flew by it


Got my garret but no tokens.
Sucks cause garret is garbage tokens are 10x more valuable


My guess is you’re thinking of this response:

That response was before anyone got rewards at all, and indicates they had already fixed it. That doesn’t count as an official response to the current problem. I’m happy for you that you’re not affected, but a post that they already gave an official response, the inability to back up that claim, and then the flippant “I don’t care” demonstrates a lack of empathy for the players still affected.


Yeah that’s what I saw. I guess yall are getting screwed then =/


Seems plausible. I got all my stuff. “Additional few hours”.


This is what I saw most recently.


Yep, but it’s not much of a response and doesn’t answer the most basic question of what’s being done or put a timeframe on its resolution. That was posted before the weekend and now we won’t hear anything until Monday.


He’s a melee temporary decap with an active that most meta defenses don’t bother trying to resist.

And he’s free.

If you think that’s garbage, well… You must have some really useful things in your trash can.


I have an Erika in my trash can too btw


Everybody gets a free Garrett*

*Garrett is 2 star


Yes say tell us something


Damn did I word that wrong
He’s garbage to me because Scopely has been actively handing out an influx of melees to the point where todays top toons are all ranged.


Yellow melee have an advantage over blue ranged, and any toon can be modded to have an advantage over another color

My free Rick has gold attack on red and blue mods and he can kill Erika with his rush most of the time

Me personally, I already have plans to use his active and rush in tandem to counter melee revives that don’t have the same weakness to blues and yellows that Erika and Hunter/Carl have. Already have his active skill at the “2 enemies” level. I’d rather have a decap, but I’ll take a free wrench over a $99.99 (chance at a) hammer if I have nails to pound


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