Can we please get a detailed list of veteran upgrade requirements

It would be helpful. Unless it’s already out and I missed it

I’ve done this, I can’t trust the gear requirement in beta so I didn’t list those for that reason lol

5* gear starts 10+ then 6* gear as you get higher


Saw that it’s not accurate I posted a more detailed one after it. But I can only see up to 15 and not sure I plan to go further on that toon

So far it’s 1 ring + 100k food for 1 to 9
1 ring + 1 walkie, 1 school bag and 100k for 10
2 ring + 100k food for 11 to 14
2 ring + 2 walkie, 2 school bag and 100k for 15

Like I said I didn’t list the gear requirements from beta because I didn’t trust that it would be the same in live. So far my ring listing matches up :). I’ll pop into beta and list the gear I see. Might be worth it.

It’s a shame we’ve always had to rely on players to come up with charts and lists and we don’t get that type of information from Scopely. But they promise to improve communication…


I didn’t do the food portion since it seemed low based on what you’ve posted. Again. No guarantees that this is what we will see in live. They don’t always have betas use the intended amounts.

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I just did 11 to 14 no gear required

Level 16 requires 2 champion rings + 100k food

Okay, I think I see a pattern in what you are seeing vs the info I saw in beta. The gear seems to be coming at the 10’s ie 10.
We’ll most likely see gear again at 20, then 25 if I have a guess based on where I saw increase in the gear amount in beta. I’ll adjust my projected SS to show you what I mean.

Btw, since you’re puzzling this out with me your name has been added lol

Obviously this isn’t final as we haven’t confirmed the higher parts.

bet there’s one last gear requirement for 30 but yeah seems right

Yeah, I told a couple friends that I expect 30 to have some gear addition lol

Lol I have no advanced gear in beta otherwise I’d just check it. No real way to get it with league store closed

I only have the rings to get one to 27… I was a dummy and played around with a couple builds before I thought about checking

I got 150 rings on one but no gear to get level 10 even… never bothered with it since you don’t need it to upgrade

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I’m a hoarder so when the store pops up I get what I can lol

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